miercuri, iunie 25, 2008

The BIBLE Conspiracy !!! ( Who do YOU put your faith in? )

Ruga unui copil...

"Doamne, in seara asta te rog ceva special....

Transforma-ma intr-un televizor ca sa-i pot lua locul."

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The richest man in town

It was a Wednesday afternoon in late July when my assistant came into my office. She said that one of our customers had been waiting on the phone for a while to talk with me. He said it was important.

I picked up the phone and the gentleman on the other end of the phone said, "My name is Pat Shaughnessy and I love your products, but that's not why I'm calling. I'm calling because I just finished a book by VJ Smith titled: The Richest Man in Town." He then said, "Mac, you've got to read this book. I guarantee you that you're not going to like it...you're going to love it."

Now, I'd be lying if I told you that this was the first time a customer had called with what they thought was a great book. And truthfully, they aren't always so great! But there was something about this conversation that told me...this could be different. Pat's enthusiasm was unwavering and when we hung up, I couldn't get it out of my head.

A few days later I purchased a copy of the book. I shut my office door and read it, non-stop. When I finished I just sat there with tears running down my cheeks. Pat "nailed it"...I didn't like it, I loved it!

I then picked up the phone to call the author, VJ Smith. If nothing else, I just wanted to thank him for writing a book that made a positive difference in the world. And the rest, as they say....is history! He was a fan of Simple Truths and said that he loved our products.

VJ, who had self-published the book then said, "You're not going to believe this, Mac, but just recently, I told my wife that someday I'd like to partner with a company like Simple Truths who could take my book to the rest of the world."

I believe that some things are meant to be. The Richest Man in Town is a wonderful book, and now we have a wonderful 3-minute inspirational movie to go with it. It's a true story that will grab your heart and not let go!

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Live with Passion,
Mac Anderson
Founder, Simple Truths


no act of kindness,

no matter how small,

is ever wasted...




Before you know what kindness really is
you must lose things,
feel the future dissolve in a moment
like salt in a weakened broth.

What you held in your hand,
what you counted and carefully saved,
all this must go so you know
how desolate the landscape can be
between the regions of kindness.

How you ride and ride
thinking the bus will never stop,
the passengers eating maize and chicken
will stare out the window forever.

Before you learn the tender gravity of kindness,
you must travel where the Indian in a white poncho
lies dead by the side of the road.

You must see how this could be you,
how he too was someone
who journeyed through the night with plans
and the simple breath that kept him alive.

Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside,
you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.
You must wake up with sorrow.
You must speak to it till your voice
catches the thread of all sorrows
and you see the size of the cloth.

Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore,
only kindness that ties your shoes
and sends you out into the day to mail letters and purchase bread,
only kindness that raises its head
from the crowd of the world to say
it is I you have been looking for,
and then goes with you every where
like a shadow or a friend.

~ Naomi Shihab Nye ~

(Words From Under the Words: Selected Poems)