vineri, ianuarie 04, 2008

What Jesus did? - for January 5

Miraculous Scandal - Matthew 1:18-19

The mother of Jesus Christ was Mary. And this is how the birth of Jesus happened. Mary was engaged to marry Joseph. But before they married, Mary learned that she was pregnant with a child. Mary was pregnant by {the power of} the Holy Spirit. Mary's husband, Joseph, was a good man. He did not want to bring shame to Mary before the people. So he planned to divorce her secretly. (ERV)

Key Thought

Imagine that the plan of God depends upon the faith of an engaged carpenter and a young virgin who finds herself pregnant. There is a quiet and faithful dignity that undergirds this whole miraculous scandal. In the face of the inexplicable and the scandalous, Joseph and Mary show themselves faithful and kind. This is a great reminder to us of how we should conduct ourselves when things concerning our friends and faith seem untidy, unclear, or unfair.

Today's Prayer
Faithful and righteous Father, thank you for the example of Joseph's kindness even though he was hurt and bewildered. Thank you for Mary's faithfulness, even though her challenge was inexplicable. Most of all, thank you for your faithfulness to your promises. In Jesus' mighty and holy name I pray. Amen.