vineri, iunie 20, 2008

Why would God sing over me?

God sings over YOU because He loves you…

My whole life, I had never imagined God as One who would delight in me so much as to sing over me. I read this verse one day and it affected me so much:

Zephaniah 3:17, “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

~One day someone I cared about very much decided not to develop her relationship with God anymore. It made me sad, so I prayed. I felt like I needed to write her a song.

One night, I asked him “Ok God, if YOU could write her a song, what would YOU say to your daughter?” He began to give me the words to ‘Return to Me’.

Through tears I wrote that song because He was showing me just how much He loves EACH of His children and how, yes, He DOES desire to sing over us…over you.

~This began the journey of writing songs from God’s perspective. Most of the songs were written because God would show me how much He loved someone and I would ask Him: “What song would you sing over this child of yours?”

Each time, I was overwhelmed by the LOVE God has for each one of His children, including myself…including you.

Our God is LOVE. (1 John 4:16) His main desire is a relationship with us, one that is only available through a belief in Christ. He sings over us in order for us to understand His love and to know what is available for ALL who call on His Name. He truly desires to sing over us: songs of freedom, of love, of truth, of hope, of belonging, of deliverance:

Psalm 32:7, "You are my hiding-place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."

~When I go shopping and go from store to store, I know there is always music playing in the background.

I can hear it, but I am too busy and too focused on other things to hear or listen to the words because they don’t matter to me. As we go about in this world, God is singing over us. His song plays from heaven: “Return to Me, my child, run into these arms of grace.”

Many of us are so busy, so focused on other things, that we don’t even notice this song. I am asking you to stop and listen…He’s singing to YOU!! And this song matters more than any other.


Experiente cu Dumnezeu povestie de Eliane Guite preluate de pe website-ul :

Eliane Guite este o interpreta de muzica crestina. Puteti descarca melodiile ei - free of charge - de pe site-ul ei...sunt minunate.

Iar aici puteti citi marturia ei:

Sper sa fie o binecuvantare si pentru voi, asa cum a fost si pt mine. :)

Not to win

The Fast (from Isaiah 58)
by Don Francisco

Not to win, not to fight
Not for profit, or to prove that I'm right
Not for show, no facade
Sackcloth and ashes alone aren't accepted by God

But to give, and to unlock the doors
To take from my hand and to place it in yours
To break every yoke and to cut loose the chains
To give cloths to the naked, and a roof fro
m the rain

Not to steal, or demand what is due
Not to lie, and pretend that it's true
Not to speak, nor to do as I please
Not to harden my heart to the dying and to live at my ease

But to give you my life without keeping a part

To return to my God and repent with my heart
To throw open the door to the one locked outside
Then to worship the King without falseness or pride

Then your light will arise and break through like the sun
And your righteousness shine when obedience is done
Guarded by God and led forth by the Lamb
When you cry out with your voice, He will say, "Here I am!"

Not to win, not to fight
Not for profit, or to prove that I'm right
Not for show, no facade
Sackcloth and ashes alone aren't accepted by God

I will trust in YOU