duminică, aprilie 20, 2008


"Ma voi culca si voi dormi in pace pentru ca numai Tu, Doamne,
ma faci sa locuiesc in siguranta."

Psalmul 4:8

Noapte linistita tuturor! :)

What Jesus Did!

"When a person sews a patch over a hole on an old coat, he never uses a piece of cloth that is not yet shrunk. If he does, the patch will {shrink and} pull away from the coat. Then the hole will be worse. Also, people never pour new wine into old wine bags. Why? Because the old bags will break. The wine will spill, and the wine bags will be ruined. But people always pour new wine into new wine bags. Then the wine and the wine bags will continue to be good."
- Matthew 9:16-17 (ERV)


None of us likes to give up something familiar or comfortable. This is even more true when this "something" has been the controlling point for our view of reality, morality, and religion. So we have a tendency to plug in something we like in a new experience or religion into our old religious context and make it fit.

Jesus' point here is that what he brings cannot be made to fit in the old order and old forms of religion with which they were familiar. No, to do that would be destructive to both the old and the new.

What Jesus brings is new, fresh, and transformational. It will rip apart anything that tries to force it into another way of doing, perceiving and experiencing. The Kingdom Family is God's way of doing life, not just another religion to be thrown into the world mix of faiths.


Father, you are the One and True God. I come to you today asking you to strengthen my resolve and deepen my commitment to live according to your will, revealed by Jesus. I confess to you that I find it easy to rationalize away the bite in some of Jesus' words and simply combine his teaching with what I already believe. Through your Spirit, I pray that you will help me see your truth in Jesus, and not just my prejudices. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Related Scriptures:

- 2 Cor. 5:16-17

- Matt. 12:42

The law was given through Moses. But grace and {the way of} truth came through Jesus Christ. - John 1:17