marți, ianuarie 22, 2008

What Jesus did? - for January 23

To Fulfill God's Plan - Matthew 3:15

Jesus answered, "Let it be this way for now. We should do all things that are right." So John agreed to baptize Jesus. (ERV)

Key Thought
Sometimes I am both amazed and ashamed at my audacity before the Sovereign God. I can actually (maybe better described, "arrogantly") think I have a better plan for my life than what I find in God's revealed will in Scripture. Now, I never intentionally think, "God is wrong about this; I have a better way to do it." No, my self-delusion is more sinister and subtle. I just ignore what he has revealed, and say something like, "Surely he doesn't mean..." or "Surely God wouldn't want..." However, any time I replace God's will with my own ideas, I've actually chosen my will over his.John was a humble and true servant. But, John’s conception of the Messiah didn't include baptizing him! God's plan, on the other hand, used John, just like he will use us. We need to ask this question everyday if we are to understand that will: "Father, how can I fulfill your desires and honor your character with my life today?" Our goal must be to please and to honor him by the way we live. We're here to fulfill his righteous plans, not what we think is best or most appropriate.

Today's Prayer
Gracious and all wise heavenly Father, thank you for having John baptize Jesus. This reminds me that baptism is about my relationship with you and not about who baptizes whom. Thank you for Jesus' example of living only to please you and accomplish your will. Please fill my heart with that same resolve and empower it by that same Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

I will sing !

Habacuc 3:17 Căci chiar dacă smochinul nu va înflori, viţa nu va da nici un rod, rodul măslinului va lipsi, şi câmpiile nu vor da hrană, oile vor pieri din staule, şi nu vor mai fi boi în grajduri,
Habacuc 3:18 eu tot mă voi bucura în Domnul, mă voi bucura în Dumnezeul mântuirii mele!
Habacuc 3:19 Domnul Dumnezeul este tăria mea; El îmi face picioarele ca ale cerbilor, şi mă face să merg pe înălţimile mele. -

Sing for joy !